Past . Presence . Future .

Past . Presence . Future .
19-20 Mar | 7.30 pm | UCC Hall
29 Mar-11 Apr | Online

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“The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

– Albert Einstein

A single faded photograph, a family photo sparks a series of memories. Essential as a piece of memorabilia, a souvenir capturing a precious moment frozen in time, its physical form belies the fragility of Memory and how that one moment may be seen differently when Time passes. What then is truly real when Memory becomes a shapeshifter in its dance with Time and how can the past, present and future remain indistinct when one moment flows into another?

Fusing the art of dance theatre with the power of visual storytelling in photography and film, NUS Dance Ensemble and its Artistic Director and Resident Choreographer Zaini Mohammad Tahir bring us on an exploration of the fluid nature of Time and how Time can affect our perceptions of reality of who we are and the events in our lives. This first exciting venture into a hybrid of digital and live performance begins in your living space with three short dance films before its final visual climax at University Cultural Centre Hall and will feature the original compositions by Tan E-Reng from Electronic Music Lab.

Past . Presence . Future . will also be screened online in high-definition format between 29 March to 11 April and is free for viewing upon registration.

Audience Reviews
“Evocating, moving, tumultuous. Beautiful music and cinematography. Choreography is superb!”

“As a dancer, the show was inspirational. It was phenomenal and the storyline was breath-taking”

“The lighting and set design were beautiful! I really enjoyed the multidisciplinary collaboration in the programme”


Zaini Mohamad Tahir
Artistic Director, NUS Dance Ensemble

Zaini Mohammad Tahir started dancing at 19 when he joined the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Music and Drama Company as an artiste. Upon graduation from NUS, he continued his passion in the performing arts and worked as a dancer and choreographer in Japan, Germany, Canada, and the United States. His noteworthy performances include TheatreWorks’ original productions of Beauty World and Private Parts and Pouncival in Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s CATS, which toured Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Seoul.

As the Founder, Resident Choreographer and Artistic Director of the NUS Dance Ensemble since 1992, he has led the company to establish itself as a promising contemporary dance company and has choreographed over 100 works for the company. As the Artistic Manager of SAF Music and Drama Company (2001 – 2007), he directed and choreographed most of the performances and its seasons’ repertoires, including Singapore’s National Day Parade.

NUS Dance Ensemble

Since its inception in 1992, the NUS Dance Ensemble has garnered acclaim and established itself as a promising dance group that explores dance movements by infusing jazz, ballet, ethnic and contemporary styles into its extensive repertoire.

NUS Dance Ensemble has been recognized for its high technical and artistic standards as well as its dedication in showcasing new talents and original works. Under the passionate direction of its resident choreographer and artistic director, Zaini Mohammad Tahir, the Ensemble has been active on campus and external cultural events both locally and internationally, including its very own The Next Wave and Evocation series.