Mirai Poster

19 Mar | 7:30pm
Ngee Ann Kongsi Auditorium

98 min | PG
Japanese with English subtitles


Kun is a spoiled little boy. But ever since the arrival of his new baby sister Mirai, Kun misses his parents’ affection and is baffled by things he has never experienced before. Then one day, he encounters a mysterious girl named Mirai, who calls him brother. A magical journey ensues as Mirai and Kun travel through time where he meets a mysterious man who claims to be a former prince, his mother as a child and his father as a young man. Through his adventures, Kun learns life lessons and how to cope with living with a baby sibling. How will his journey end? And why did Mirai travel back in time?

Pre-show talk by Dr Deborah Shamoon from Department of Japanese Studies, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, NUS

Nowhere else are Time and Space displaced as magically as in the many darkened cinema halls we step into. As the film roll begins to flicker and fill the hall with sound and light, reality gives way to places and times quite different from our own. Time becomes suspended, sped up, and slowed down all in a matter of 110 minutes – or whatever length of time the editor chooses to tell the story through. Spellbound, we lose track of time altogether.

Out of Time thus presents a set of films that navigate the ebb and flow of Time to bring you stories about how Time can connect, disconnect, memorialise, and ultimately express our experiences beneath a united cosmos.


Assoc Prof Deborah Shamoon
Associate Professor, Department of Japanese Studies, FASS, NUS

Associate Professor Deborah Shamoon from the Department of Japanese Studies whose key area of research is manga and anime will present a short talk about Mirai before the screening on Friday 19 March.