Kaala Chakra (Wheel of Time)

Kaala Chakra (Wheel of Time)

27 Mar | 7:30 pm
UCC Theatre


Available from 5–16 April, registration is now open!

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The Kālachakra tradition revolves around the concept of time (kāla) and cycles (chakra): from the cycles of the planets, to seasons and the cycles of human life and to the smallest units of human breath. The idea of time as a universal creative reality has precursors in Vedic literature and in the Upanishads.

What if incidents in our realm of personal experience can be seen as part of cosmic cycles of time? Perhaps through the lenses of the wheel of time, we may find peace in these troubled times. As the first iteration of a work which will evolve over two years, Kaala Chakra is a work-in-progress presentation with a panel discussion about the development of this work.

Under the guidance of NUS’ dance doyen Mrs Santha Bhaskar, NUS Indian Dance will explore the subtle energies within the human body on its path to enlightenment. The work will feature collaborations with visual artist Joshua Yang with music from Mario Vanegas.

Kaala Chakra (Wheel of Time) will also be screened online in high-definition format between 5-16 April and is free for viewing upon registration.

Audience Reviews
“I love the themes. It’s very interpretive and the second one is especially haunting.”

“The choreography had great meaning behind them and the dancers performed beautifully.”

“I really enjoyed the structure of the show with the spoken portions and dance in succession.”


NUS Indian Dance
CFA Arts Excellence Group

Established in 1977, NUS Indian Dance is a closely-knit group of highly committed young dancers pursuing growth and learning through their passion for dance. While primarily specializing in Bharata Natyam, other classical dance forms such as Kathak, Mohiniyattam and Odissi have been included in their training and performance.

Under the guidance and artistic leadership of Mrs Santha Bhaskar, its founding Artistic Director and Resident Choreographer and a Cultural Medallion recipient, the group has ventured into explorations of contemporary themes such as quantum technology (Sambhavna (2017) and feminism (Maya Yatra (2018) as well as incorporating other disciplines such as mathematics and literature into dance demonstrating the enduring power of Bharata Natyam to express the breadth of human thought and emotion throughout generations.

Santha Bhaskar
Artistic Director, NUS Indian Dance

A Cultural Medallion recipient (1990) for dance in Singapore, Santha Bhaskar is known for her distinctive style of choreography and for her contributions to the arts in Singapore, was awarded the Public Service Star (BBM), by the Singapore Government on National Day 2016. She is also the Artistic Director of Bhaskar’s Arts Academy.

The numerous productions created by Mrs Bhaskar demonstrate a deep sense of curiosity and boldness, from dance dramas to contemporary works in classical Indian dance, cross-cultural and experimental forms reflecting the Singapore identity and more recently, explorations into how science and mathematics may find expression in Bharata Natyam in productions such as Sambhavna, Sambhavna 2.0 and 28.

Joshua Yang
Visual Arts Collaborator

Joshua Yang has been drawing since he could grip a crayon. His works range from single-continuous line drawings to multi-layered paintings made with a limited palette of two pigments. His recent projects include long walks with his dog in the ever-decreasing wilderness of the garden city while listening to audiobooks on hard-boiled detectives or science fiction involving time-travel and holding studio sessions with small groups of artists to discuss drawing, painting, movies and everything in between. He works at the Republic Polytechnic where he teaches drawing. He lives with his wife and daughter.

Mario Vanegas

Mario Vanegas is a musician and producer from California. He was immersed into the arts at young age by his grandparents and his mother. He started as a guitarist playing electric, classical and flamenco when was 13. At 18, he began his exploration into electronic music and music production eventually studying at LASALLE College of the Arts. He is now based in New York.