In Search of Lost Time


22–27 Mar
University Cultural Centre

Free Admission | By Registration

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In Marcel Proust’s novel, La Recherche du Temps Perdu or “In Search of Lost Time”, the lightest of sensory experiences, such as savouring the taste and smell of madeleines with tea, have the power to evoke strong emotions. In weaving vestiges of the past with the incidents of the now, Proust reminds us that while time continues to flow on relentlessly, it is art which has the power to freeze our human experiences into a single moment.

In the company of a small group of friends, step into a kaleidoscope of 22 performances, that merge times and spaces spent in the well-trod rooms of our homes. Share with us in this once-in-a-lifetime creation of art composed of both personal and shared memories from our NUS students. Watch Davide Brugola from Italy muse about his adventures in lockdown as he kneads pizza dough; find the calm and warmth within your day with NUS Chinese Dance as they serve you a cup of tea; and journey with NUS Electronic Music Lab as they transform the sounds of everyday sonic spectra into a series of improvised electronic music performances.

All shows will be available for online screening in HD format from 5-16 April. (Registration coming soon)

Tea & Biscuits
22-24 March, Live Performances
Living Room & Kitchen

22 Mar | Register 23 Mar | Register 24 Mar | Register

The Space Between Seconds

NUS Electronic Music Lab
6pm | Living Room, UCC VIP Lounge

BBQ Pastry

NUS Jazz Band
6:25pm | 7:15pm | Kitchen, UCC Hall Green Room


NUS Chinese Drama
6:50pm | Living Room, UCC VIP Lounge

A Tea Served

NUS Chinese Dance
7:40pm | Living Room, UCC VIP Lounge

Life is a Pizza Margherita

Davide Brugola
8:05pm | 8:55pm | Kitchen, UCC Hall Green Room

A Time Past

NUS Chinese Dance
8:30pm | 9:20pm | Living Room, UCC VIP Lounge

25-27 March, Live Performances
Bedroom & Study

25 Mar | Register 26 Mar | Register 27 Mar | Register

The Space Between Seconds

NUS Electronic Music Lab
6pm | Bedroom, UCC Function Room

Summer Nostalgia

NUS Guitar Ensemble
6:20pm | Study, UCC VIP Lounge


NUS Chinese Dance
6:40pm | 7:20pm | Bedroom, UCC Function Room

Renungan Masa

NUS Ilsa Tari
7pm | Study, UCC VIP Lounge


NUS Harmonica
7:40pm | Study, UCC VIP Lounge

Memories of Japan

NUS Guitar Ensemble
8:00pm | Bedroom, UCC Function Room

65/20 留?... 65/20 Stay?...

NUS Chinese Drama
8:20pm | Study, UCC VIP Lounge

Bedroom ennui

Scott Bradford
8:40pm | Bedroom, UCC Function Room

Finding a Singaporean Sound

Wen Liang
9:00pm | Study, UCC VIP Lounge

Parallel Universe
5-16 April, Online Only
Living Room, Kitchen & Bedroom

Coming Soon


NUS Dance Ensemble
Living Room, Online

Blueberry Bacon Pie

NUS Dance Synergy
Kitchen, Online


NUS Dance Blast!
Kitchen, Online

At The Table

NUS Dance Ensemble
Kitchen, Online

My Mother’s Daughter

NUS Dance Ensemble
Bedroom, Online


NUS Dance Blast!
Bedroom, Online