Hikikomori, a Deafening Silence

Screencap of Hikikiomori

25 Mar | 7:30pm
Ngee Ann Kongsi Auditorium

52 min | PG
Japanese with English subtitles

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There are between 600,000 to a million youths in Japan who isolate themselves in their bedrooms and withdraw from all social interaction for several years. These youths, known as hikikomori, are renounced in Japanese society as the “lost generation”. The film follows some of these youths in a rehabilitation centre set up to help them reintegrate into society as well as to understand the reasons behind their reclusive behaviour.

Nowhere else are Time and Space displaced as magically as in the many darkened cinema halls we step into. As the film roll begins to flicker and fill the hall with sound and light, reality gives way to places and times quite different from our own. Time becomes suspended, sped up, and slowed down all in a matter of 110 minutes – or whatever length of time the editor chooses to tell the story through. Spellbound, we lose track of time altogether.

Out of Time thus presents a set of films that navigate the ebb and flow of Time to bring you stories about how Time can connect, disconnect, memorialise, and ultimately express our experiences beneath a united cosmos.