another diorama

Another Diorama

1–30 Apr
Archaeology Library
NUS Museum

Now till 30 Apr

Open to Public

Take a glimpse into the everyday cosmologies of history through these NUS Museum exhibitions showcasing dioramas and artefacts reflecting vernacular and material cultures of the past.

In another diorama, Hu Yun examines the limits and expansions of working with the sculptures of late artist Shui Tit Sing by orienting towards available archives and artworks. It is in this exhibition where Hu Yun extends his historiographic interest on everyday cosmologies that are incarnated by the processes of woodcarving. This exhibition continues his Singapore Biennale work that reflects on the original 1980s dioramas of Singapore history, inquiring on how the storytelling found in craft tradition becomes present in contemporary practices.

The sculptures present in this another diorama are works by the prolific Shui Tit Sing (1914 – 1997) who was an active member of several art societies in Singapore. Shui Tit Sing was trained in Western Painting in China before he moved to Singapore in 1940. He became primarily influenced by traditional and vernacular cultures in his travels to Cambodia and Thailand in the 1960s with the Ten Men Art Group. He painted until 1968 when he dedicated the rest of his artistic life to wood carving. Shui Tit Sing’s sculptures and photographs are from the collection of Shui Ching Jaw. Hu Yun’s research and access to Shui Tit Sing’s works are made possible by Mr Koh Nguang How.


Hu Yun

Hu Yun

Hu Yun (b. 1986, Shanghai, China) graduated from the China Academy of Art in 2008. His work ranges from drawing and watercolours to performance, video and installation. He lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia and Shanghai, China. The Singapore Biennale commissioned work “Carving Water, Melting Stones” is shown in Gillman Barracks. another diorama is a Coordinates Project of Singapore Biennale 2019.