A Mo(ve)ment in Time

A Movement In Time

19 Mar–16 Apr
Level 1
Stephen Riady Centre

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One of the keenly felt effects of the COVID-19 pandemic was restrictions on the practice and performance of the performing arts in Singapore. Via the magic of Augmented Reality, a retrospective exhibition of pictures from 21 CFA Arts Excellence Groups will now bring the thrill of performance back to life in a safely distanced manner.

In a collaboration with students from NUS School of Computing, short clips of the most memorable performances will be activated through a simple app device pointed at a gallery of images. Bring your friends to share and relive moments from your group’s past or if you have not seen them in performance before, now is the time and place to discover the rich pool of artistic talents on campus and to start following them on Instagram.

The magic of live performance begins with a moment and extends into a movement and cheers us all on for a time when we can return to the live stage again.