Bag of Memories

We gazed into the infinite world of the future back in NAF 2017 with Brave New Worlds. Four years have passed, how the world has evolved and changed? Collect a NAF 2017 tote bag* from us, use it as a canvas to recollect your aspirations and dreams by drawing or painting on it. May the force be with you.

*Thank you for the overwhelming response to the Bag of Memories, all our 2017 tote bags have been given out. As a token of our appreciation, we would like to give you the NUS Arts Festival 2021: A Question of Time tote bag to continue the journey of self expression.

Never e-Naf

We live in a transient World; fleeting moments. A new day passes, another day arrives. Time is never enough. Take a tour of NAF 2021 – A Question of Time, capture those transient moments on a frame. Let’s celebrate time in imagery.

Spotify Playlist

Study. Music. Start, stop and continue. Let the music flow as you study and chill out with your friends. Check out our special playlists curated for NAF 2021 and many more.

Games of Time

We tend to assume that time only moves forward, that you can never go back, and that decisions made are permanent. These games, developed as part of the introductory Game Design class in the Department of Communications and New Media, explore through play the question: “what if time is reversible?”

Game 1: Fantasy

In the mythical world of Fantasy, the fae queen that has long guarded the enchanted forest has disappeared and the faceless knight is destined to save her. Reversing time and bringing obstacles back in time is the only way forward towards rescuing the fae queen and saving the forest.

Game 2: Indiana Blu

Indiana Blu is a single-player 2D platformer game. The player controls Blu, a bird with the unique power to rewind its own time. Blu must traverse through an abandoned castle full of puzzles and dangers to find his family’s fabled heirloom; the legendary Indiana hat.

Game 3: Out of Thyme

Welcome to the strange world of Out of Thyme. You play as Thyme Boi, a superpowered being capable of altering the flow of time! Course through five stages of obstacles and unveil a story along the way. Will you solve the puzzle or will you run out of thyme?